SAN FRANCISCO - In a city renowned for street theatre, Silicon Valley's first annual How Weird Street Faire will feature a melange of merry-making provided by electronic dance music, jugglers, mimes, clowns, charitable groups, and vendors with merchandise from around the world.
"This faire will be the apex of fun and kookiness in an already festive city," said Brad Olsen, Executive Director of World Peace Through Technology Organization ( which plans to tour the world demonstrating the uses of benevolent technology.
"We are experimenting on a new slant of dancing in the streets to techno music," added Olsen, "all in the name of world peace."
Several Silicon Valley and Hollywood philanthropists have donated support to help launch the World Peace Through Technology Organization, a San Francisco-based nonprofit group whose goal is "to inspire world peace through the benevolent uses of technology."
Executive Director Brad Olsen said the financial support will enable this organization to hold its first annual street festival on Sunday April 23rd (10 am-6 pm), in front of the group's office on Howard Street between 11th and 12th Streets.
As the Information Age transforms the world at large, with the San Francisco Bay Area leading the charge, a conscious ideal is required to meet the demand. The Peace Tour concept was created to address societal change, with the How Weird Street Faire being the first of many "edu-tainment" events to address issues of personal evolution and global consciousness. In a move of political correctness, the World Peace Through Technology Organization urges the benevolent uses of technology by launching a series of music and learning events to keep the beat.
"I really hope a lot of information-minded people in the Valley come up to San Francisco for this event," urged Olsen, "so we can all celebrate the advancement of technology in the name of world peace."