Esoteric Series

The critically-acclaimed “Esoteric Series” is a line of books by CCC Publishing, a website of the same name called Esoteric Series, and a YouTube Channel which has the recordings of the audiobook recordings. The Esoteric Series is books, interviews and video content devoted to all the important subjects being withheld from humanity. The following books can be purchased for $17.95 each on PayPal, with free shipping in the USA:


Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms

                   Future Esoteric:                      The Unseen RealmsModern Esoteric: Beyond our Senses                     Modern Esoteric:                      The Unseen Realms 


Have you ever had the feeling that everything you thought you knew was a lie? Everything from history, science, government, banking, money, law, economics, farming, energy production, water treatment, health care, even spirituality. As we awaken to truth, we’re realizing that beneficial information in all these areas has been suppressed and revised in order to keep us enslaved and dependent upon a corrupt debt based system we can never pay off. Run by several private families, corrupt banksters invest in global wars to perpetuate the debt, control essential resources and keep up value for themselves.

We are at the point of a planetary shift. We all know it. We feel it. A tipping point. The low vibration of evil seems to be increasing, but in actuality the higher vibration of light is increasing at a much faster pace. The matrix of darkness is deconstructing and we are realizing that we have the potential within us to bring about the needed change.  The old perpetuated en-slavery system was created with the sole intention of controlling people through various methods such as fictitious money systems, water, food, and chemicals to name a few. In the old system the few were the benefactors, of all the Earth’s resources at the expense of the people.


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