Consortium of Collective Consciousness Publishing is an enterprise started by Brad Olsen in 1995. We publish inspirational travel guides. A comprehensive website devoted to this enterprise can be found at Most of our titles are available in downloadable PDF format. Help save a tree!

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Extreme Adventures Hawaii and Northern California
The first travel guide series developed by Brad Olsen.
236 pages * $13.95













Brad Olsen is busy developing other book projects for CCC Publishing. Click on Current Projects to read more.

World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto (5th ed.)
The book that made Brad olsen famous!

ISBN 1-888729-05-8
* 288 pages * $17.95

In Search of Adventure:
A Wild Travel Anthology

Over 80 authors contribute to this classic travel anthology.
ISBN 1-888729-03-1
* 465 pages * $17.95

Brad Olsen has set out to document all the spiritual sites in the world in his new "Sacred Places: 108 Destionations" series. North America and Around the World (both 2nd editions) are current releases.
Also Released:
Sacred Places of the Goddess
Sacred Places Europe