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This page describes my book publishing operation — founded in 1995 — and lists all the books I have written to date. CCC Publishing is my primary source of income, and while many aspects of being a publisher can be boring, I still love my job!

From showcasing photographs of sacred sites worldwide to exhibiting various cartoons and drawings I produced for my books, this link attempts to chronicle my various artistic endeavors.

Every sentient person on the planet is a philosopher, whether they admit it or not. Understand what you're in for? Click on this link to find out what makes me tick. Indeed, there is a method behind the madness.

Take a stroll down Memory Lane — my memory that is. Photos and stories from one amazing lifetime, and heck, it's only halfway over! So come on, and let me indulge a little about myself.

Around the time I finished High School in 1983, I realized I was going to be an artist for life. That means taking no time outs. That also means I need to stay constantly busy with current projects. Here's what's cookin' good lookin'.
This is a resource for professionals in the world media industry. It is also a library of some of the most memorable media spots I have landed to date. Have a visit — It's more fun than it looks.


E.T. phones home

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@ Park City Olympics, 2002

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