The How Weird Street Faire began as a result of the old CCC warehouse on Howard Street. We used to throw our own parties, but they soon became too popular to let everyone in who wanted to come. This saddened us, because we did want people to enjoy our parties and the newly emerging electronic music scene. There simply wasn't enough room indoors! In the year 2000 we received funding to create the nonprofit World Peace Through Technology Organization and we needed an activity to raise awareness about our org. Why not a street fair? Then all the people who wanted to come to the CCC parties could come to the street fair. Win -- Win!

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The UFO has Landed theme

2001: A Street Oddity theme

4:20 Baby! theme

Expanding Universe theme

May Day! May Day! theme

All the Usual Suspects theme

Support Our Freaks theme

Weirdo de Mayo theme

Exodus theme
Rebooting the Motherboard theme

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Across Howard Street from the CCC in the mid-1990s were two guys who would eventually start the web design business called digipop. One of them, Robert Kidwell, is an amazing electronic graphic artist. He and I teamed up the first year for the How Weird poster design, and we are still doing them together to date. I usually come up with the poster concept, the illustrations, and provide the photos. "digibob" takes the whole collection and puts his own flair on the poster and website. The result is a productive partnership of creativity for a really fun day in San Francisco!

Lastly, the How Weird has been an event that has morphed and changed quite a bit over the years. The first year had less than a thousand people with two stages. Now we have grown to over 10,000 people with nine stages! We invite back all the collectives of artists and DJs to do their stages every year, and they almost always wish to return. Only the CCC stage is a throwback to the original street fair. In order to grow to our current size, 2008 marks the first year for the "New How Weird" ten blocks from the old location, where we have more room and clubs within the footprint to do "How Weird at Night." We hope you'll join us as we grow up and out!

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