Before my July until October sacred places tour of Europe, a little family hang time in Illinois. Favorite Uncle Bud & Aunt Bonnie; me getting used to my new digital camera; and My Dad, his wife Susan and her friend Fran when we met up in Krakow, Poland.

Amazing Neolithic menhir and dolmen structures in northwestern France.

Mont Saint Michel in northern France and Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France. Nothing in common.

Denmark is famous for Viking forts (Fyrkat), and Viking runestones (Jelling). Sweden has the Gamla Uppsala mounds.

Germany has the old Saxon ritual site called Externsteine, a bizarre church door, and the Konigssee.

Belem, Portugal. Granada, Spain. Krakow, Poland. Again, nothing in common. Just cool sacred sites.

Now we are in Italy, but all over the place like my trip. The good old Vatican near Rome; a horse says 'hello' in Assisi; and the Valley of Temples at sunset in southern Sicily.


Here are some shots from Fiji -- the land of happy people. I had a nice tan for Thanksgiving!