Baker Beach and Burning Man sampler picture page. These are a few of my favorite places ...

Those who enjoy attending the Burning Man Festival every year (that would be me!), likely know that the event started out on San Francisco's Baker Beach. Since it is only 20 blocks from where I live, I find myself down at this very special place just about every time there is a "Baker Day." That's when it's sunny, warm enough to be without your clothes on, and not too windy. San Francisco gets about 80-100 Baker Days per year.

It was a sad day in November, 2007 when an oil spill closed Baker Beach for almost two weeks. Click here to read my blog entry on the CCC Publishing website about the San Francisco Bay oil spill disaster.
Below are some random Burning Man shots from 2005 and 2006. I am somewhere in the crowd shot. I like how everyone is mesmerized by the burning of the man.